Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Next week is my birthday. 25.

Charlie says 25 was his defining year. He thinks it's everyone's defining year.

I disagree. 24 was definitely my defining year. I.... Lived with two guys in Boston. Traveled to Vegas. My brother fell in love. My sister got engaged. My parents adopted a child. My first cousin got married. I moved across the country. Got a job. Fell in love. Bought a car. Established myself in the Midwest. Made a whole new set of friends. Kept my old ones. Got a credit card. Spent hundreds of dollars at the dentist (sorry mom). Bought a GPS. Spent lots of time missing friends. Jetskied. Learned how to budget (albeit badly). Planned for the future.

In the scheme of my life, though I'm sure to have many more defining years, 24 will definitely be one of the defining years of my young adult life. I look forward to more to come...