Monday, July 14, 2008

little things i've been working on

here are some sketches i was doing with the machine- the seagulls and the two women- I really enjoy doing that

A cat for Mikki, whose tail I can't stuff....
I bought this really pretty green lace at Joanns in the sale rack, and I made
this flower out of it. Then... I wore it.

Oh, you know, a bird.
baby booties!


Anonymous said...

sooo you are drawing with your sewing machine???!!! i must is as tricky as it seems...also notice i have found your blog and now have even more ways to stalk you than humanly possible <3
little colleen

~Kat~ said...

oh those are AMAZING! I can only imagine the hundreds of projects swirling around in your head with that sew-sketch-skill.
I ADORE that little bird... ADORE IT!

elissa said...

it's just time consuming. you can either free hand, or draw on a piece of paper, then stitch over it all, then pull the paper off- i do both. Pulling the paper off is a bitch but free handing it never comes out as nice.