Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mom scolded me recently for horribly neglecting my blog.

I figure between launching a new website at work and planning a wedding, I have license to neglect a blog here or there... but what can you do.

charlie's a big eagles fan. my nights have been spent at the local sports bar (because we don't get the eagles on cable) watching any and all philadelphia teams- eagles and phillies mostly. it looks like the phillies are taking us to playoffs-- see, this is something i never would have considered before, much less blogged about. life takes you weird places.

so february 27 is our day of nuptials. i seem to be a very prepared bride... dad has expressed his thanks that i'm not a "bridezilla"... hah. I'm sure charlie feels the same. tonight we made the journey to men's warehouse to find tuxedos for the big day. it was a success. next up? engagement photos.. wedding bands

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Sarah Stu said...

There are several things I would like to comment about here:
1) I am glad your mom finally pointed out the sad reality that your blog was slowly withering...it was painful, I have missed it dearly
2) I can't believe you, Elissa Bristow, commented about sports on your blog...how things do change
3)I am very excited to see some engagement photos so please get on that pronto...
...I think that is all for now