Thursday, January 14, 2010


Just another day, just another week.

In the countdown to my wedding, entire months fall to the wayside like carnage as my final goal comes more clearly into view. What happened the entire month of November? October? December? Most likely I worked, planned my wedding, and went blues dancing where appropriate; but moreover I planned my wedding.

It's hard to remember the days anymore. I wonder if this is a feature of adulthood, or if I'm just in this strange, hazy, bride-y mindset that's totally out of touch with reality. Yes, ma'am, it's the... 14th...? of January. Monday? Wednesday? I don't know, if it's not the weekend, they're all the same to me.

I'm not even a bridezilla. Sometimes I worry that I haven't stopped to savor the important parts of wedding planning, and I'll look back and miss that. Dress shopping. Wedding shower. Ring searching. Cake tasting. Though I enjoyed these aspects, my incredible GSD (get shit done) drive drove me to mark these off my list rather than relishing in every little detail. Thus far, I haven't regretted any moment of the past six months of planning and how quickly they've gone- maybe when you plan a wedding in a shorter amount of time, you can't stop and smell the roses, so to speak. It's ok. I enjoy it. The means support the end; I'll get married to Charlie, and that's what all of this hooplah is for, really.

So, thursday. Listening to blues, no agenda for the evening, fire roaring, movie rented... let's see where we go.

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