Saturday, November 7, 2009

Billy Joel kinda Day

It's a saturday at the store... I've made a Billy Joel pandora station at Adrian's urging. That man can prompt me to do (almost) anything.

I can see him now, in his sing-songy voice, button-down shirt, handsome face, sitting at his desk (my old desk-- bittersweet memories) in the green Magic Beans office struggling not to sing along to Benny and the Jets in his headphones and answering telephone calls from customers... annoyed to pause right in the bridge of B-B-B-BENNY! Hoping Sarah doesn't look over and see his toe tapping, his fingers jiving on the keyboard as he answers stroller matchmaking emails. Love him.

The Happy Bambino website continues to occupy all of my time. What little time I have left is occupied by my dearest hubby-to-be, wedding plans, bridesmaid-gift-making, and plans for april. Not that I'm complaining, because I'm the kind of person who's built to stay busy. When I run out of things to do in 6 or so months- check back in with me. Hopefully I won't be pregnant, or adopting puppies. I kid! I kid!


~Kat~ said...

I can pass on all the love you need to give Adrian... he with his velvety smooth voice. You should call him sometime just so hear his magic.

Sarah said...

i would LOVE to look over and see his toe tapping and fingers jiving while he answers stroller matchmaker e-mails, LOL. amazing.

miss you!

Melina said...

Um, i'm totally into the idea of adopting puppies. babies? yeah, no, not for a while but puppies HELL yeah! hometeam was the best choice I ever made!! love you elissa! I hope you enjoy this wonderful fun time of wedding planning!!!