Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Devil in the form of Wet Food

The cats have recently been introduced to wet food.

This was a C.E.Koop solution to the Leopold bullying

(see, Leo eats Bitty's food whenever possible, despite having his own... because he's a bully... and Bitty's too timid to A. stop him or B. eat his food, so she opts to go hungry. Historically, Leopold hates wet food. In the past, like a great pet owner, I have bought them little containers of various types of wet food... Fancy Feast, Friskies, Purina... etc-- in flavors that I don't even treat myself to, like Veal or Salmon.. and Leopold always turns his velvety nose up at the very site of them... the little chunks of food sitting in his bowl until they congeal and then turn hard and dark and I angrily throw them away. But I digress..)

Charles, in remembering my regaling of the wet food situation, suggested I buy wet food only for Bitty, to solve the Leo-eating-Bitty-food situation.. so I tried it!

Well, lo and behold, Leo DOES like wet food... or, at least, the idea of wet food.. or, at least, he can't stand to see Bitty get something that he doesn't get. (The nerve, I tell you)

I'd equate wet food to cat crack. In the mornings, there's no peace. I have systems, you know? I get up, start my french press coffee, and THEN feed the fatties...... but now, images of salmon and veal in gravy chunks have been dancing through their tiny minds all throughout the night, and I only serve as a reminder of their beloved wet food. I stumble out of my bedroom door at 7 am, eyes still adjusting to the light, hair a mess, and they are instantly at my feet, bleating like they're in pain, weaving in and out of my legs as I walk. It's horrible.

And even now, all cats fed and happy, I have to sit and listen to the sound of Bitty licking Salmon Patte off a ceramic plate..... it's rough. Is this the rest of my life?!


Keri said...

You have created beasts! You can never go back. What have you done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elissa said...

I don't know mom, it's like crack. they cry and cry and cry for it... all day long!