Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed

(as we always say in my family.)

We've made it, despite the 2 feet of snow that the universe so generously decided to bestow upon us yesterday. And we will get married on Saturday, even if it's only the minister, my parents, and God as our witness.

Toby, my parent's foot and half tall beagle/ bernese mountain dog mix is nuzzling is spotty nose into my armpit right now. He's the dwarfed, inbred product of a Bernese dad (yes, ladies, that's right... the Bernese was the DAD) and a Beagle mom. As a result, he has the coloring of a Bernese, the short fur of a Beagle, the thick body of a Bernese, but the unfortunate, short legs of a Beagle. And, he's adorable. He's got that perpetual puppy look... it's impossible to walk anywhere without being stopped by gaggles of teenage girl, or full grown men gone weak in the knees, captivated by his charm.

Hopefully, people will have safe travels and make it to my wedding. My bachelorette party is changing minute-to-minute. I suppose there's nothing we can do but wait. And listen to tiny, dwarfed dogs snort into our laps.