Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I can't seem to break this cycle of early morning wake up... maybe it's because I don't particularly mind it. My sleep cap seems to be 7 hours... often less but definitely no more. Once I reach the 7 hour mark, my eyes open regardless of time and that's that.

There's so much for me to think about. most days it's hard to tell if I should laugh or cry. it's not a bad thing, though.

I moved the roses into my bedroom this morning. Formerly, they sat on the kitchen table in all their glory (long stem roses, by the way, are really glorious) but this morning I decided that I spend more time in my bedroom than in the kitchen. and I want to appreciate them at all times. Of course, Leo was the first to accost them- jumped up and started biting the petals. I wasn't a huge fan of that.

I wanted to say that this was the first time a boy had ever given me flowers, but that's not totally true. Valentines day, circa 2002 I was dating a very sweet punk rocker (turned sour now- ask me about his tattoo sometime) and we went out to chinese food. of course, he had no money so i paid. and he gave me a fake black plastic rose that smelled of baby powder and came from cumberland farms. somehow, this was permissible. I loved that stupid, ugly rose and kept it for years. It even had a hot glue gun bead of fake dew on it. later, he admitted two things- one, that the rose had come with a little smiling bear clinging to it that he'd ripped off because he didn't think i'd like it (how perceptive of him! oh how that made me adore him more!) and two, that he'd stolen it because he didn't have the $.99 that it cost. oh, life. needless to say, the relationship didn't last long. but what a cute thing he was.

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