Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's amusing that Ben comes to me with his biggest concerns. For example, he purchased Bud Light Lime and, as chance would have it, ended up loving it. Now he's worried that it's a chick drink because it's light, airy, and full of fruity flavor. I'm calming his fears. A hint of lime seems fair game to me. Smirnoff ice? not so universal.

life keeps throwing things at me. some i'm dodging, some i'm taking right in the chest. isn't that life for you? soph reminds me that some of the most beautiful art comes from the most anguished times- i'm keeping that in mind, counting my blessings, plan to keep on keeping on.

i need to conquer my hatred of sleep. lately, a new dislike has been creeping in. i've been feeling, in recent weeks, that eating is an unnecessary expense of time, money, and effort. instead of eating for any sort of pleasure i do it out of pure necessity.

the eating battle is more likely to be won than the sleeping battle. i don't think i'll ever find sleeping to be a quality expenditure of my time.

I have a hoe
and I take it everywhere I go
cause I'm planting seeds
so I reaps what I sow -- ya know
oh on & on & on & on
my cipher keeps movin' like a rollin' stone
I can't control the soul flowin' in me
ooh wee

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