Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm cooking tonight after a couple month hiatus. I always equate lack of cooking and cleaning to unhappiness. Being too tired physically and emotionally to spend the time cooking, indicates conundrum. Tonight, on my walk home, as if I did it every night, I swung into Harvest Market on Centre Street and bought food to make a little mango stir fry and came right home, cleaned the kitchen, and started cooking.

Charlie sent me a Nina Simone cd that I've been listening to while cooking/ dancing. It makes me miss him more- is that possible?

The kitchen table is littered with Madison rental magazines, boxes of tea, an antler of some unidentified animal, glad wrap, candles.

I'm amazed at how quickly and naturally this decision has settled into my heart. And it just feels right, natural, normal. Like I was born to do this. As if I've been making impulsive decisions my entire life. Everything's aligning perfectly. staying here and continuing on my current path would be the wrong decision. I've been granted much clarity. epiphanies are wonderful.

If Leopold eats another plant, I might actually kill him. wish he weren't so cute.

watch this. you'll feel better. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WedUn-_Y4-4

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~Kat~ said...

so wait... what was the decision... are you leaving? Or was the decision just to go the market for ingredients to cook an amazing mango stir fry.
Wait- more importantly, why have you never offered to cook ME a mango stir fry :(