Saturday, August 15, 2009

Slow Saturday

But it's only 29 minutes into the day, so I'll be lenient with my customer base. And, it's hot.

Of course I'm rocking Eric Clapton... Come back Baby, let's talk it over one more time

Tonight we're going to the Claddagh Irish Pub tonight in Middleton to dance and see the Blue Olives play- we haven't been dancing since the wedding, and I'm excited. I'm the kinda gal who needs to dance at the very least once a week. It's like maintenance. Luckily, I have a cute boyfriend who also happens to be an excellent dancer.

Dancing compatibility has to have a lot to do with love, I've decided.

But I should work. I'll bid you adieu- and hope I don't eat too many Nilda's Chocolates.

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