Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time Savers and Babies

This morning I had a novel idea: instead of eating breakfast and coffee, why not blend it all together?

I'm into time-saving ideas. So I made a "coffee smoothie" which consists of my coffee, ice, yogurt, and a banana, all blended. It turned into a frothy beverage resembling some sort of health shake. Not terrible though, and definitely saving me time- which immediately wins it major points in my books. Though I love novel ideas and new discoveries, I doubt I'll do it again. The prep and cleanup is not a time saver.

I often reference the blurred line between my work and my life. Really, if you spend 40 hours of your week at a place, and you actually enjoy it, the lines are going to get blurred a little bit. My dreams are often laden with children, babies, breastfeeding, pregnancy. And the more advanced I become at my job.. the more expertise I gain on the products, the more knowledge I share- customers are becoming convinced that I'm a childbearer. Maybe it's Madison, too... maybe I don't look as young as I did (I am, after all, a month shy of 25) because in Boston it was a question, "do you have kids?" and in Madison, it's a frequent, almost constant chime of, "and you use this with your kids?" or, alternately, "how many kids do you have?". I've skipped past the point of possibility and jumped right into the realm of indefinite.

Hopefully, no one's holding their breath for grand kids, because I can't promise any. Most adults go into parenting totally ignorant and excited- no idea what's in store for them- and that's why the human race works. That's why people keep procreating. Don't get me wrong- children are a blessing, but they're equal parts work to blessing. And if everyone knew just exactly how much work and money they are, earth would probably be way less populated. Yesterday, when I was holding Ali's baby Rocket, looking into his tiny dark eyes, I felt so overcome with affection for this tiny being. Tiny humans will do that to you- make you feel overwhelmed with love, overprotective, overcome with joy. And they remind you of the future- to stay forward thinking; they invoke good will, they bring peace. I'll probably have kids, too. It's what we do. For now I have cats, and they haven't failed me yet.


Melina said...

oh I love the idea of a coffee shake!!!!

elissa said...

I can't remember- do you do lactose? I used yogurt b/c i'm lactose intolerant (but, you know, yogurt's like the food of the gods, makes it's own enzymes and all that great stuff)... but I wouldn't suggest it with coffee. Too sour. Try milk... or ice cream... and a little chocolate? or honey? That's the route I should have gone. or even soy milk. I've been on a huge smoothie kick lately. I was limited in my options, all i had in the fridge was yogurt.