Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slinging It

Since Cales asked for photos of my sling, I can only oblige...

Leo has two household rules, 1. He has a "no closed door policy" in the house. Regardless of his interest in said room, the door cannot be closed. If it is, he will yowl endlessly and rip up the rug until he has gained enterance.
He's a brat.
2. If there's a box, bag, or package, he has to be inside of it. This is the bag from our new comforter, with Leopold zipped up inside.


Cassandra said...

I miss the little bratty!

Ceilidh Willow said...

I love it when you oblige me! And um, Leopold is the handsomest cat this side of, uh, the comforter cover case. Yeah!