Sunday, March 28, 2010

Summer Plans + Urgent Care

On the first of May, Charlie, myself, and the Fat Cats will pack up our little bags and head east to Charlie's parent's summer house on Lake Mascoma in Enfield, New Hampshire, where we will camp out for May and June. Our plan is to move to the Northwest, but with our own wedding and my sister's wedding (on April 17th!) we figure taking our time and not rushing a big move like that is the wise thing to do. Besides, spending a few months, alone, at the lake house will prove agreeable, I'm sure.

----  -----

On Friday, we sat in Urgent Care for the morning trying to figure out what's "wrong" with me. This is one of my favorite games. Sometimes, it seems easier to figure out what's "right". For the past few weeks I've been suffering from fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches, lightheadedness and dizziness, mood swings-- the whole gamut. Two easy scapegoats for doctors are always stress, and my epilepsy (even if I don't think either are involved.. and no, I'm not pregnant). So after the doctor ran a few simple tests and found nothing, he patted my back, told me it was his job to assure me that "nothing was wrong, it was probably stress", and sent me on my way. Sure, doc, I'm glad to hear nothing is wrong. But I still feel tired, I'm not hungry, I'm headachey, dizzy, lightheaded, and I've got these terrible mood swings.

An equally troublesome but equivalently dubious issue that's been plaguing me is a pinched nerve in my dominant forearm. I think it started during my morning workout routine a few weeks ago, and I never stopped using the arm (because, who can afford to stop using an arm?!) so it continued to get worse and worse, until-- fast forward to three days ago, it was achey straight to the bone, and every time I extended it fully, I felt a shot of pain throughout the length of my arm. The doctor pinched and prodded around, feeling up my armpit and making me flex my (amazingly impressive) muscles, before he told me that, again, "nothing could be done" and it would "heal on its own". Of course I was annoyed, because I wasted my entire morning sitting around in the doctors office, but he's most likely right about the arm. What can you do about a pinched nerve, except have patience? So Charlie, cute thing that he is, bought me a sling, and I've been slinging my arm for the past two days. That has helped cut down on use, and kept the pain to a minimum.

We spent the entire weekend together so I can't complain, even if my moods were swinging like a sweet chariot, my arm was tied tight to my chest, and I popped Ibuprofen like Tic Tacs.


Colleen said...

oh lordy lordy you are just a bucket full of fun times right now aren't you...ick to being sick! (yes that was intentionally cheesey) on the bright side i am really enjoying how much you are updating your blog (O: it makes me happy. miss you, glad you get to spend the first part of your summer by a lake that sounds beautiful.

Ceilidh Willow said...

Hi Lady. Lame-o when bodies do mysterious painful things and no one can tell you why. Really *is* enough to cause one stress pains, no? Sorry you're all achey and moody.... but I am happy to hear you will get some nice downtime in the summer. A long break from work, eh? Or will you do stuff from afar? Love you bunches.... (and oh, where is the photo of your fine self in charlie's cute-move sling?)

Betsy said...

sucky doctors! but nice to hear you will be in NH for a bit...what a great way to spend the beginning of summer

~Kat~ said...

all at once? crikey! I hope that the mystery illness that is raining down on your body is considering taking a hike soon so that you can enjoy your wanderlust.
Speaking of... are you really going to be so close to us in May?
Would you be interested in coming to a womens art retreat in Duxbury May 15-16 that my friend and I are arranging? Spots are filling fast... it's only $50 for a weekend by the ocean filled with many many creative workshops. Let me know and I'll send you the invite!!!