Friday, December 12, 2008


there i sat on my bed, a mere speck among a sea of gifts.

i'm over-gifting this year. i only really want to buy presents for my family, and boy, do i have a haul.

in the divine timing that he seems to have perfected, leopold sensed the exact moment at which each gift was in its most vulnerable state- between fold of paper and grasp for tape dispenser, after delicate crease- to sit on each present.

when my family wonders why the wrapping paper is a little worn and crinkled, why the penguins are a bit haggard on the outside of their parcels, i will only think to leopold. i wish he could be there on christmas morning- i can imagine his wide-eyed stare at the sea of paper, his frolick amid post present-opening bliss.

he's cuddling me now- perhaps this is why i speak so fondly?

it's raining, as usual.

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