Tuesday, December 16, 2008

my room is messy again.

is it categorically impossible for me to keep it clean? because i swear i clean it and a minute- not joking, sixty seconds later- i have made it messy again. somehow i find some new and creative way to destroy my room. maybe formerly there were clothes all over the chair and piled up the bed, so i'll put those away... but in my freshly cleaned room i'll decide that the best thing to do is obviously to sew. which means that now, my new-found free space is filled with fabric and all acoutremonts.

elissa elissa elissa, will you learn?

my life is never anything short of interesting. i have to say that i'm thankful to have an interesting life- it's never dull, it keeps things lively. so many strange... neat?.... interesting things going on in my life right now.

i'm listening to damien rice and watching the snow fall and create a soft coverlet over everything, cherishing the intimacy of my dark, warm room.

can i share this song? i love it: Etienne d'aout by Malajube

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