Saturday, May 23, 2009

Up at 6, despite my alarm scheduled for 8. Leopold and Bitster are sitting in the sliding glass window, watching rain water the plants on my porch. Two tomato plants fell over and I had a weak moment wondering if I should bring them in, but all of my plants are so thirsty, it seems necessary.

I think I'll get in 2 hours of work before going to work. We're building this new website and it's kind of kicking my ass. It can take hours to upload one product at times. There's just so much to do. I'm working completely solo today, and I feel a bit nervous about it. Opening, closing, everything... alone. It's rainy, so maybe it won't be super busy. Hard to say.

This weekend is "Brat Fest"- Cassie, can you explain to me Midwesterners obsession with cheese, beer, and smoked meats? This is a huge draw for people, I've heard mention of brat fest more times than I deem necessary for such an event, and then yesterday charlie says, mid-day, while i'm working, "Sweetie! It's BRAT FEST!!!"

yeah. no.

I guess if I had spent my entire life in the same flat, long-wintered town, cheese, beer, and smoked meat would excite me too. And really, if you examined the things that do excite me, they're no better. I'm just not represented by a group of people.

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