Monday, May 25, 2009

What to do with my holiday?

I think I'll celebrate by running errands at target. Then, I may sun myself by the pool (the pool in my apartment complex just opened... niiiice)... and maybe clean the litter box and organize my crafting desk a bit.. throw out things I don't need... clean the bathroom, scrub the tub... oh, what a great holiday I have planned!

Tonight we're going to Tina's to cook portobella mushrooms and make caprese salads and wine and dine with her and the kids and betsy.... yes. In the meantime, I'll entertain myself with various charades of homemaking.


Ceilidh Willow said...

how were those various charades of homemaking, my darling? I bet you looked stunning during the undertaking of each and every one. Myself? I spent the day with two wee tots, frequently covered in my adorable halter topped aquamarine and red ladybug apron. We really truly are soulmates.

negrito said...

who are they? fill me in real quicks ;)

- G

elissa said...

tina is charlie's older sister- she has three kids, matea 10, aiden 8, gavin 5... betsy is my friend ben's sister (both from vermont... i think you've met ben?) and she's helping tina out this week and visiting, which has been nice!

elissa said...

by older sister i meant younger sister. ha, charlie's sister. ps i miss you g!