Saturday, January 24, 2009

night train.

i was sitting across from a sickeningly adorable couple, huddled together and buzzing with energy. somehow they stumbled upon the subject of john mayer... discussing his sexual habits and nonchalant bedrooming techniques. i listened, captivated by the walls of the train and disillusioned by my annoyance for 10 minutes, about meeting him in the bar, his excellent guitar skills, and his lovingly blase demeanor. it wasn't that they were particularly vexatious by nature. after all- it was late, and they were in love! i'm just a tired, slightly irritated, single girl on a late night train home (ooh, double entendre?)

all of a sudden, the maybe crazy, maybe drunk (maybe both?) older man next to them awkwardly interjected himself into their conversation, as if he had been an active participant all along.

"so i'm waiting in line for tickets one day. like, waiting all day long. and this guy comes up to me, and he says "do you want to die today? or tomorrow" so i say, "tomorrow" and he says, "no, you're going to die today." and I says, "you gave me a choice and i chose tomorrow". so, there i was... with tickets to Poko."

awkward silence ensues.

non-crazy, lovebird guy says, with hesitation, "...........I don't know what Poko is."

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Ceilidh Willow said...

oh. weird. awkward. i have been privy to similar train moments. also similar train irritation about the cuteness of happy-in-love people vs my bitter single self. luckily, this is now a thing of the past for both of us, my darling.