Sunday, January 18, 2009

Right now is kind of perfect.

We're in Mikki and Ezra's living room; bright, snowy light shining through the windows. Fat, full flakes falling from the heavens without any sign of relent. Mikki's organizing the bookshelf, I'm looking for a job, and Ezra's playing "Unchained Melody" on the guitar.

speaking of relentless, I have this cough that i can't get rid of. my body is sore, the way your body is sore after an intense work out, or after you've been run over by a train.

Daily excitement comes in the form of coffee, moments of clarity, times of silence, and sweet nothings.

I feel comfortable right now. This day off is definitely necessary to my mental and physical health. I needed to re-evaluate my state before I spiraled out of control... which I was close to doing-if not already doing-in most areas of my life. Humanity is frail; it's interesting, By interesting I mean arduous. Grueling. Especially for someone who values strength, independence, clarity, and autonomy.

Mikki is organizing her books in chronological order. Who does that? I've seriously considered, many times, putting my books into alphabetical order. Why would someone do that?

If I learn anything from all of this, it will definitely be an expansion on my patience. Oh, how I hate growing in patience.

Ezra, singing, I chimed in for a duet, "Fools said I, you do not know.. silence like a cancer grows" Mikki, less than impressed, barely looked up from amidst her sea of books- she's made quite a mess in her goal for chronological order- and called us fuckers.

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