Wednesday, January 28, 2009

you go girl.

I found this letter on the streets of roxbury about 4 years ago. spiral bound notepaper, handwritten, pure amazingness.

I've got to say, I know exactly where she's coming from. it's like she and i live parallel lives.

know that i was keeping it authentic with spelling mistakes, run-on sentences, and all.


what's good with you? me i'm chillen.
well i'm sorry 4 everything i ever did wrong i mean i apologize i try my best to be the best clown as chick i said i was but it's hard when i can't see you and you don't call me if you really wanted to someone to talk to. Baby I'v been here all along same place i was at when you was calling i'm not going no where and when i get some money when i get it i'll give you have of what i got you know that it's just that my last check was shit since i quit that job and i had to give that to my mother 4 the phone bill and i got lots of more money to pay her 4 all them collect calls i accepted. and i understand were you coming from about the fight we have and no i don't blame it all on you i admitt some of it was my fault but this relationship aint ganna go any where if we don't forgive and forget and trust me I did both.

No everything that I want I don't get from you cuzz if I didn't you wouldn't have been where you at anyways so come again "playa" and anserw my question who's Shanice cuzz in one of my letter you couldn't decide who you wanted to write me or her and I never pick u up and put you don't don't ever disrespect me like that again I wouldn't never do that to my baby I got to much love 4 you when you go to court again? Oh yeah I heard about that nigga from Lucerive is there just keep your head up and stay out of trouble you only got a week or 2 until court and I hope you'll be a free man by then. :)