Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it's 10:51 am and i'm already working on lunch. i've been up for awhile so it feels excusable.

my list of 'to-dos' is so overwhelming that i feel incapacitated. days like this are inexcusable in my book.

the cats like to sit outside and look longingly at the green field. wisconsin's nature is to be flat, so i can see the field where charlie and i play frisbee, the road that i drive to work, and a fence that's meant to serve as a barrier between us and a residential neighborhood. wisconsin is into those cookie cutter, modular homes piled on top of each other and clustered onto tiny hills.

i feel guilt ridden. tired. used up. but i'm not unhappy, and i know it will pass. it's just one of those mornings.

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