Sunday, April 12, 2009

Still uploading CDs. Seriously, this guy has got thousands. Its fun though. He brings down new stacks to listen to on a regular basis and I just take my free moments to upload them while he sleeps, or cooks, or cleans.

Yeah. Did I mention that charlie cooks and cleans? cooks well. And cleans all the time. I'll wander around his house leaving a trail of things- my dirty socks, papers, hair clips... I turn around and they're all neat and in order somewhere. And he's probably vacuumed in my wake as well.

Good guy. good guy. and so damn cute. not sure how I got so lucky.

It's Easter today. Thus far I'm celebrating with a mug of coffee, a box of nerds, and the internet. I think we're going to the 4 pm church service. I tried to talk him into brunch but he wasn't really being baited. mostly because that included getting out of bed in the morning.

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