Saturday, April 4, 2009

so, i'm officially here.

charlie and I drove here in two days- full car, two cats, two of us. The country is pretty boring between Vermont and Madison. There's a long stretch of New York, a tiny piece of Pennsylvania, and quite a bit of Ohio to muscle through before you feel like you're getting anywhere.

we stopped in china town in chicago to use the bathroom- not something I'd recommend. The attendant was locked behind a glass window, and the bathroom was literally drenched in urine.

last night we went out to see a talking heads cover band- which was excellent- and dance. someone broke the window of charlie's car and stole my purse. which had everything in it- phone, passport, social security card, insurance card, all of my makeup (may be what i'm most sad about.. that's expensive!), my car keys, my medication...

but, what can you do? be thankful they didn't find his GPS or anything more valuable in the car. and for me, i just start over. get all my shit together.

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