Saturday, April 25, 2009

Leo and I are watching a downpour outside.

I went upstairs to shower and it was mildly sunny. I came out to thunder and torrential downpours.

I love to watch the cats while they figure things out. Leo, sitting in the sliding glass door, head cocked to one side, staring persistently at the rain soaked blades of grass and the seedlings we planted. The field has a tendency to fill up with rain and flood and then the ducks come.

Leo, now, stretched out on the cool tiles in front of the fireplace. probably dreaming about destroying more of my plants and escaping out the sliding glass doors to his freedom. what would he do with such freedom? no one to feed him, scratch his belly, kiss his nose. he doesn't know what happiness is because he's too busy toeing the lines. i appreciate him anyway.

the thought has occurred to me that this should be elissa's cat blog rather than elissa's art blog... but i'm not ready to go down that route.

a text from my mom: "it's sunny n going 2 b 80. I luv u 2"

now i hear birds chirping and chattering away but see only rain and gray skies. the midwest is strange.

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~Kat~ said...

I really miss you... I feel so lost without being able to call you at your own special extension.