Saturday, June 13, 2009

am i crazy?

woman just calls about swim shirts, we don't have the size she wants... I offer to give her a call when they come in and go to write down her info. somehow we get disconnected. i wait a few minutes for her to call back, and then i'm like, "well, i can just look at her info on the caller id and call her back..." so i do

"hi, this is elissa calling from happy bambino..."
"i...think...i...was just talking to you about swim shirts"
"yeah, i didn't have your number so i didn't know how to call you back."

oh, i'm sorry ma'am, YOU CALLED ME


Colleen said...

nothing shocks me anymore about customer service...NOTHING lolz.

~Kat~ said...

that's better than the lady who called asking what we had that was under $10- she wanted me to list off the things we had.