Saturday, June 20, 2009

Is there such thing as the calm after the storm? Two nights ago was thunder and lightning all through the night, rain all through yesterday, lightning up until I went to bed at midnight... and today, totally calm, clear skied, sunny, birds chirping... the calm post storm. I'd say it's more of a heat-post-storm, really. All the air is stagnant and the humidity seems to just hang thick where ever you go. I was going to go to the Farmer's Market downtown with Jenny, but she took her baby Miles (he's not much of a baby, as he's almost two... but I like to call him a baby... because he kind of is a baby, in the scheme of the world. I mean, I'm 24 and I'm still kind of a baby) and they went early. She advised me not to come, in the heat and business of the day. Everyone's out to stretch their legs on this first beautiful day post storm... even though it's actually hot, sticky, and gross... and it's just after 8 am. What will the rest of the day hold in store?

Charlie's going to a Phish show this weekend, leaving me to fend for myself... the dish satellite guy is coming today... at some point... between 12 and 5. Love how they block off five hours of your day and you know damn well they never show up until 4:45, but if you'd left at noon they would have been there at 12:01 to set up your dish. It's good... I've been stir crazy with movie watching. But still. I'm also babysitting his brother's dog, Jack. A skinny black lab that's more like a child than a dog. The cats will really love me this weekend. Four of us in a tiny apartment, three of us being quadrupeds.

What'll we do with ourselves? Sun ourselves on the porch, perhaps? Go for frequent dips in the pool? Eat fresh veggies out of our tiny, growing garden? Watch all the dish satellite we can get our paws on? Take a field trip out to Cherokee Marsh? So hard to say, really, and the options are endless.

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