Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's a lazy day. 3 pm and I've done nothing this far; not even nothing worth discussing, just nothing to speak of.

I should go to the store at some point today and buy a fan. Waking up entrenched in sticky sweat with the sheets clinging to my body is definitely a sign of summer, but not necessarily one I have to experience to make this season authentic.

Yesterday was a classic tale of dish satellite (or any technology company, really) screwing you over. They told me to be at my house from 12-5 to expect someone to arrive (in that five hour block) to install my dish. I was pissed, but I stuck it out. The hours dwindled away, my wasted Saturday as I cleaned out my studio, made some really cool art with old pills (eventually I'll post pictures), tried to stand as close to the AC as possible at all times, and sat on my porch to tan my legs. Finally i get a call at 4:30 that, sorry Ma'am, they're running late... they'll be here at 7.

7!? After I've spent my entire Saturday of captivity, i have to CONTINUE to stay here? I ran to target, bought a bathing suit, picked up the dog i was sitting, took him for a walk, and came back. Made more art. Put in a movie. They didn't get here until 8. And then, they were here about 5 minutes whenceforth I told them that no, they couldn't drill holes into my apartment walls, and they informed me that they couldn't complete the job tonight and left.

i was a little more than irate. What a waste of a day. Not to mention I've got Jack, the nervous, barking, pacing black lab all up in my business, trying to eat the cats at every turn, and I've got the cats locked in one room all day, trying to rip up the rug....

in short, to make up for my waste-of-a-day yesterday, i should really do something today.

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