Thursday, June 25, 2009

I just got totally lost in somebody's blogging world. I love it when that happens... an hour goes by and you realize your coffee's cold, and you're totally entrenched in someone elses life stories.

It's been nearly 100 degrees the past two days. So hot that even the pool isn't appealing.. charlie aptly likened it to baby bath water last night... luke warm, not overly refreshing, and all you can think of when you submerge your head and open your eyes underwater to do some moonlit laps in the murky, cloudy chlorine is sweaty bodies and sunscreen and everything else that must be leaching into the water and breeding there.

Anyone up for a swim? It seemed like a good idea last night... I worked from home yesterday, but I've been laden with cramps for the last few days and described as "totally unapproachable" (that went over well) so we went to charlie's friend bryan's house in the evening. When bryan said he was having a "sausage party" charlie misunderstood... thought it was sausages on the grill... as opposed to an all guys party. So, there I am with six guys who all work on a tree crew... swapping stories about the times they nearly died, or the pink baby squirrels they saved (or alternately killed) in trees, and then we found two teeny, tiny, downy birds that had mistakenly found their way into the yard, and watched the mama bird feeding them little morsels of food. It was sad, knowing they were going to die- either find death at the hands of some raccoon in the night, or roast in the inevitable sun that's still on it's way today.... But- we came home (eventually), bellies full of food and beer, and decided it was time for a nice dip in the pool. It was late... 9:30ish, but the heat from the day still hung heavy in the atmosphere, radiated out of the pavement, the air was stagnant and warm... so we swam in the moonlight... and that's when we realized the pool was no more refreshing than baby bathwater, and quickly abandoned that mission.

This is summer. Every year I forget, and every year I'm harshly reminded. Summer's hot. I'll get used to it.

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