Thursday, July 2, 2009

I hope you're happy, CKM

This one's dedicated to Colleen... sorry for my spurts of enthusiasm followed by long periods of silence. I know for many of you whose bated breath is held on my words, my stretches of absence leave you blue in the face.

In a conversation with Robert (graphic designer from Magic Beans) I realized I haven't dreamed in a while. I used to dream all the time. I wake up more frequently at night- not the way I used to, comforted by the dark, relishing in the night.. now I wake up, toss around, listen to the night sounds, pee, go back to sleep. It's not uncomfortable, it's just different.

We thought for a short period we'd cancel our trip to the East Coast (I never thought of home as the "east coast" until i lived away from it. Like when I lived in Costa Rica 15 years ago and I thought of home as "The States" and had previously never thought of it as anything but "woodstock")... not to delve into anything too personal but funds are tight- as with everyone right now in this economic state. We've shortened our trip incredibly, going from 10 days to 4, only flying in for the wedding and in time to see a few friends and family members. It's important to me that Charlie meet my family and friends, though. The more serious we get, the more I love him, the more I need everyone to know him, and him to know everyone. I was sad to cancel the trip, and reinvigorated to be able to go again, even if for such a short amount of time. It's hard to recover (not only financially but emotionally) from such a long trip, so we're probably doing ourselves a favor in the long run.

Colleen- since this is dedicated to you, i've been really into eric clapton lately. More appropriately.. desperately into eric clapton. His bluesy rock-n-roll just soothes my soul. I know you appreciate music so I deemed it time for a shout out. And you do follow my blog religiously, and hold me accountable to writing in it... thank you. I asked charlie if he would be offended if my love for clapton was on par with my love for him and his response?, "i'll kick his ass!"

I'm eating ridiculous chocolate toffee at work and pricing breast pumps- * welcome to my world. *

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Colleen said...

lalalalalaLOVE you!!! ps your trip is shortened? will it be shortened as in no longer in the area for yours truelys birthday...obviously the most important event to attend. haha, ps i would more than love to meet charlie as well, i'm sure he's DYING to meet me. oh and eric and my mom have that in common haha (O: as always love hearing from you perhaps someday i will begin to blog as well <3