Thursday, July 9, 2009


This morning when I awoke my computer from happy hibernation and impatiently waited for the screen to show up while my coffee brewed (thus- pre-caffeine.. this happens every morning... the first 2-5 minutes I do anything on my computer is completely pre-caffeine... i sit there, jerk the mouse around, squint at the screen with a headache, feel irritated... if you ever get a super mean, super early email from me... it was probably in the 3-5 minute span every morning where I'm awake, but not yet caffeinated. I tend to stay away from all forms of communication until I know I can handle it)... but I digress....

this morning my computer screen wakes up and on it is a huge page for the CatGenie- The World's Only Self-Flushing, Self-Washing Litter Box.

Now, this thing is cool (and probably costs as much as 3 of my paychecks combined) but I promise it wasn't the last page I had up before sending my computer into hibernation... or even a page I've ever seen before. Which left me wondering... is my computer trying to send me a message? Or did charlie go onto my computer, pull up the page, and leave it there.. as a subtle hint?

Now, this is something I would certainly do to him, but I happen to know the span of his technological abilities and I'm pretty sure this is out of that range.

So............I'm left wondering.. late night, while I was sleeping, did the cats sneak in here with their furry little paws, open up my computer, and type me a message about the world's only self-flushing, self-washing litter box that they just have to have?

Now I may not be the best at keeping their litter box fresh (sorry guys) but my dear boyfriend is. I mean that litter box is washed more often than a litter box ever should be.... (not that we can complain...)

But still I sit and ponder... who left me the message about the CatGenie? My trusty laptop, tired of smelling cat litter wafting out of the cat bathroom day-after-day, my cute boyfriend, done cleaning the box, or my conniving cats, who, despite all other forms of luxuries, just need more? I have to solve this mystery.


Sarah Stu said...

Yours for only $329!

elissa said...

yes- such a cheap and worthy investment!