Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July, Elissa

Working at the store today.

11:34 am update: slow, but moving steadily.

Just talked an older couple into aden + anais swaddling blankets. Not much "talking into" involved in that sale- those things sell themselves. Amazing blankets, really, but no need to delve into it on my personal blog... (sheesh, what am I, a 24-year-old baby product fanatic? This is getting to be a problem. You should have heard the aden + anais gush-fest I had with charlie the other night. he was less-than-impressed with my "muslin is the greatest because it's so breathable; it has a loose weave and helps a baby to keep cool in hot weather and heat up in cool weather... and you should see the size of these swaddlers!" lecture. he's my partner and he doesn't even know what swaddling is- i think my mouth dropped further than the floor and i lost a bit of faith in humanity.)

I opened the doors to encourage traffic... for the first 10 minutes it was nice to have the summer pre-rain scent drifting in, but now the scent of trash and rotting animal is wafting in from the back door- not quite sure from where it comes, but i smelled it last night as i was locking up. i'll blame milios, for lack of better scapegoat.

ok, back to work.

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