Thursday, July 23, 2009

Text Convo between Mom + Me this am

Mom: What r u doing in boston on friday
Me: Probably visiting with the little girl and mom i used to babysit for- why
Mom: Bored on bus and sending random messages
Me: i love how candid you are momma. crack me up
Mom: Glad I can entertain u
Mom: Headset on listening 2 emo music
Mom: And 2morrow nite?
Me: I know you love emo music! Tmrw out to din with mik and ezra
Mom: Fun. Is chas nervous?
Me: He's preemptively annoyed.
Me: Doesn't like schedules.
Mom: Hope cosmic recovers
Me: Hahaha! He's excited to see you guys and looking forward to meeting fam
Mom: Good he should see some good sights
Mom: Bring camera


Sarah Stu said...

I am hoping he gets to see some famous "Preston dance moves"...

elissa said...

oh, and the preston dance moves did emerge.