Saturday, July 11, 2009

I have a young friend who has clearly just learned how to use email in the past half year... evident by that vivacious, overzealous piling up of emails in my inbox.

Now, I'm generally a good emailer. Like any other emailer, I drop the ball from time to time.. forget to write back for a week or two; but when i do write back, it'll be a witty, fun-to-read, kick-ass email (oh, go on...)... but when I get continuous "how are you" emails from a 9 year old, my creativity tends to run dry.

She's learned the fwd button as well. And the capslock. "OMG LOOK AT THIS SO FUNNY MUST READ" is quite frequently the subject line in my inbox, in various forms. And no, they're usually not that funny, or cute, and I can spare myself the image of another small digital puppy face cocked to the side looking at me with sad eyes and a caption coming out of his head.

Oh, what to do, what to do. I suppose at one point, I was that age... and though I wasn't using email, I was doing equally obnoxious things to people in my life (should I ask my parents? because I'm sure they'd be quick to remind me). Now I'm off to work, and then we're taking a quick weekend jaunt to Chicago where my aunt and uncle live... it should be fun. weekend boating and such. Nothing to complain about.

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