Friday, July 10, 2009

Mystery: SOLVED

The two of us are lying side by side last night, talking about inconsequential things... space and time, aliens vs homosapiens- the usual- when charlie interrupts me and goes, "OH! Did you like the CatGenie?!?"

me- "Ohhh! Did you put that on my computer?"
charlie- "Uh, what, you think it just popped up on it's own?"
me- (launch into thought process re: entire blog post from earlier that day)... "I just didn't know you knew how to do that"
charlie-(hurt)- "What, pull a window up on a page and then shut the screen?"
me-"Yeah... well.. I thought it may be out of the realm of your technological abilities"
(charlie, not impressed)
charlie- "I was watching this infomercial, and all of a sudden I heard, 'Never clean a catbox again!' and i was like, 'DING!' I think we should buy it, Cutie."

And then, he launched into a full 20 minute discussion about the pros of the CatGenie, and made me watch the video of it online (it actually is really cool... after the cat uses the box, there's a sensor that starts the "cleansing" process- it drains the pee and scoops the poop, and then cleans the entire box. the poop then gets liquified and the purified... or, something- they make it not smell bad.. and the entire thing is hooked up to your toilet, so it all gets poured into there and then you flush it later)

And now i'm sitting here researching the CatGenie. Do I really need a $300 cat litter box? But... if i never buy litter or clean the box again... is it worth it? Oh jeez.


Colleen said...

ummm can we say anniversary present!

Colleen said...

ps i just watched a cat genie demo online cause you got me interested....holy moly its like the holy grail for cat poo

elissa said...

i know, fricking cool, right?